Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medifees accept payments from providers ?

Payments are not accepted from any providers or medical facilities to be included in our database.

How does medifees get it’s procedure cost data ?

Our procedure & treatment cost information is derived from federal and state agencies, medical facilities, the private sector, and patients.

Do you have every medical facility ?

Currently, we have over 14,000 hospitals and medical facilities.

What is a Chargemaster ?

A Chargemaster is a listing of each item that could be billed to a patient, payers or other health care provider. Each medical facility is equipped with a chargemaster.

How does medifees make money ?

Currently, our services are free.

What types of medical providers does your database

Medical providers included in our database are:

  • MD → Medical Doctor
  • DPM → Doctor of Podiatry
  • DDS/DMD → Dentist
  • DC → Chiropractor
  • DO → Osteopathy Doctor
  • PA → Physician Assistant
  • NP → Nurse Practitioner
  • OD → Optometrist
  • RN → Registered Nurse
  • CRNA → Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists
  • LMSW → Licensed Master Social Worker
  • DPT → Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • CNP → Certified Nurse Practitioner
  • MPT → Master of Physical Therapy
  • FNP → Family Nurse Practitioner
  • A.u.D → Doctor of Audiology
  • P.T → Physical Therapists
  • O.T → Occupational Therapists

Is Medicare the only type of data you have ?

No, our cost data is aggregated from several sources.

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