Disruption hits Medicare for the good

It’s final, disruption has hit Medicare benefiting Medicare beneficiaries throughout. Though it's only a start, we look forward to seeing many other tools implemented, were not only Medicare beneficiaries can benefit but all healthcare consumers. Price transparency in healthcare within itself will not drive down health care costs, but when you start implementing disruptive tools to help justify these costs, competition will be forced to reevalute there prices throughout.   

For the first time Medicare beneficiaries can now search and find the star ratings on medical providers that's strictly based on relevant and factual volumes performed by the medical provider. By using the new user-friendly search function, it's never been easier to compare procedure and treatment costs with any medical provider or hospital. Also, other rich features allow healthcare consumers to view procedure and treatment costs in a data visualization format.

Key Points:

- User-friendly search function


- GOMedi Score‚Ą† a scoring volume metric algorithm

- Medicare data visualization