Government-based Healthcare Coverage Recipients

Proposed legislature could soon bring major changes for a number of Medicaid recipients. This development leaves an estimated 100 million Americans searching for solutions in the event the Senate's latest tax bill regarding healthcare passes.

"If those suggested changes to the current healthcare market happen to pass, millions of Americans will be affected. They'll be paying for healthcare options previously covered by Medicare, Medicaid and various branches of the Obamacare sector. We offer a free platform for people to learn more about the costs of procedures and treatments based on a wide variety of factors. Our purpose is to help them compare procedure cost and other issues to lessen the burden left by the changes in legislature during the months to come."

While the previously mentioned bill being pushed through the Senate would eliminate tax penalties for those not currently covered by healthcare insurance, it could also have negative ramifications for Americans who rely on government-based coverage, particularly where Medicaid and Medicare recipients are concerned. In fact, analysts forecast a spending cut amounting to millions of dollars in Medicare and Medicaid. Previous cutbacks in this regard left millions lacking in coverage for a wide range of critical treatments.