Compare Medical Cost

The costs of medical and health care services have been rising steadily for many years, and American consumers are feeling the pinch in a big way. Many American individuals and families are now facing extremely high medical debts, some of them for reasonably routine or minor health care procedures or treatments. With the private insurance system looking to offset costs, and very little in the way of a safety net for consumers, medical bankruptcy threatens many thousands of families each year.

What new reports are showing is that a great way to shop around for health care is to ask your insurance company. Big insurers make most of the efforts at cataloging the various rates that different providers charge for services like CIGNA, Anthem Blue Cross, and other multi-state insurance companies. Patients can also ask their insurance company which providers have a contractual plan that forces them to charge a certain set price for a given medical service. Another way to compare medical cost by using an online service that can compare these costs for you, such as is a health transparency start-up that has recently acquired healthcare start-up Continue reading publication.