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Medifees.com is like a search engine for price and quality comparisons on medical procedures and treatments; whether you’re a patient or a business providing health insurance for your employees, you can find what you need right here. By collecting comprehensive pricing information supplied by federal and state agencies, the private sector, health care facilities, providers and patients across the country, we aggregate data to supply you with the information in a user friendly format. Now you can make informed health care decisions!

Let’s face it, medical costs are out of control. This is the only sector of the economy where people don’t know what they’ll pay until after they get the procedure or treatment, leaving consumers without the information they deserve. Now you can search for medical providers and hospital prices online like everything else! Hopefully this will return some transparency to the medical industry and highlight the real value of medical care.


Dr. Gail Tasch, MD

I am both a doctor and a mother; I started this site out of my frustration with the pricing of various medical procedures and, specifically, how difficult it was to find those prices. I recently saw a nurse practitioner in the urgent care center in the hospital where I work. I had an infected bug bite. She spent maybe 5 min with me and the bill came to $900! I kept asking everyone how much the visit would cost and no one would tell me. For another example, my daughter was on Accutane and needed monthly blood tests to monitor liver function. I wanted to price out lab tests at various facilities, because insurance did not cover those tests and I didn’t want to pay more than I had to, but the laboratories would not tell me how much they cost. It’s all a secret until you get the bill. If you have to pay them, why can’t you get the price at the time of service? That was when I had the idea for this site, and contacted Hugo.


Hugo Gallegos

After Dr. Tasch contacted me, I could instantly relate to her vision. I had gone through a similar situation regarding a medical bill, myself. Although price transparency is relatively new to the healthcare industry, there are other innovative ideas and disruptive technologies being implemented when choosing a medical provider that best fits a patients specific needs. Our vision modernizes the way people will search and find cost and quality information about healthcare providers to meet their individual requests.

I founded & launched my first start-up when I was 24. I'm a 5X Start-up founder (MDNationwide LLC, MDTelecomm Software, MediSkore®, Medifees.com and MediVerity Inc. I'm an inventor patent (US 11,636,945) and a NewChip™ Start-up Accelerator graduate.